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Getting New Ideas for Public Transportation Improvement in Osh

06/2018, Osh, Kyrgyz Republic

The representatives of Osh Municipality and Osh Auto Transport Company and our colleague Artyom visited Slovakia in June 2018 to learn about public transportation system in Bratislava. This educational trip was organized within the Project Osh Public Transport Regulatory Support Programme financed by EBRD that supports development and monitoring of the institutional and regulatory framework for the public transport sector through the introduction of competitive route tendering for minibus services.

Vice-mayor of Osh city Asylbek Topchubaev and the Director of Osh Municipal Auto-Transport Company (OGMAP) Mourzabek Dubanaev visited Bratislava Public Transport Company (DPB) where they learned how the public transportation works in European capital cities.

“Having seen how developed dispatching and ticketing system in comparable city works gives us many ideas and inspiration for further improvement of Osh transportation to make a life more comfortable for our citizens and contribute to the better environment,” said Vice-mayor of Osh city.

Osh representatives also visited Bratislava Integrated Transport company where they learned more about possibilities of city and suburban areas public transportation integration. “We can say that every day thousands of suburban citizens commute to work in Osh city. Integrating the ticketing system in future is necessary to avoid congestions and environmental problems” added Mourzabek Dubanaev.

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